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Funny Training


Our Philosophy

Originally trained in traditional hunter/jumper style riding, our trainers, Jeni and Camille, were always exploring new ways to interact with their horses.  After their Junior years, they started to add new facets of horsemanship to their training program and started breeding and training young horses.  Today, they hope to spread their knowledge to the Washington equestrian community and help other riders to see their role as a horseman in a whole new way.  Horses, like humans, have good and bad days.  We teach our students to see horseback riding holistically, understanding that each ride is different and challenging in new ways.  We encourage our students to be as well versed on the ground as they are in the saddle - by teaching the process of grooming, handling, blanketing and “catching” the horse. We offer lessons in the English riding discipline, further described as hunter/ jumper style. The option to jump is offered if interest is shown and the rider is ready.


Beginner Immersion Lesson


This is an hour and a half lesson beginning with learning the process of grooming, tacking up, and animal care. Riders will transition into the arena, with time under the saddle learning riding form, balance, different gaits, and how to control your horse.

Intermediate/ Advanced Lesson $100

This is an hour and a half lesson for students well-versed in catching, grooming and tacking their horse independently, with trainer supervision.  Student's will learn relationship building with their horse. Once their horse is tacked up and ready students will transition to the arena where they will advance their knowledge and skills under saddle. Students will incorporate all 3 gaits with challenging course during their routine. If the rider shows interest, then jumping will be introduced and woven into each lesson.

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