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Funny People


Owner | Trainer | Animal Whisperer


Jeni has been a horse lover since the age of 4.  She started her riding career in Kirkland, Washington at Parkside Stables.  As a competitive member of their show jumping team, Jeni excelled in hunters and jumpers throughout her showing career.  Although competing for 20+ years in A-circuit shows throughout the US and Canada shaped her as a rider, the evolution of her horsemanship really began in young adulthood.  She took her beloved “Mary” to college with her and really spent time coming to understand the connection horses are capable of having with their people.  The Funny Farm came to be out of a desire to give our horses the life they were built to live: free to wander, play together, and have almost constant access to grass forage.  Jeni prides herself on happy horses who make wonderful members of our team here at the Funny Farm, and riders educated to understand the importance of tuning in to our horses moods and behaviors.  She loves riding, teaching and just being with the horses, and animals in general.


The Team


Carly has been here since before the beginning. Watching Jeni ride some of our horses at other barns and transitioning them into their new home here on the Funny Farm. Carly grew up on a small farm in California showing livestock and dairy cows with her local 4H and FFA programs and had some western horses of her own. She enjoys trails rides and cruising around the property on the older chill horses but she will occasionally get talked into a more rowdy ride. Her favorite place to be is on the ground with the animals, watching the herd dynamics and learning more about their unique personalities. Catch her in the farm ranger keeping an eye on the place and give her a wave!


Caretaker | Farm Manager


Interested in Volunteering?

There is always more work to be done on the farm. If you would like to come help out, shoot us an email for more information. Thanks in advance for volunteering!


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